Mr David J Miles

Hello there! My name is David John Miles, but you can call me David J Miles, or simply, David. I have over 25 years experience privatising social housing and maintenance, particularly in taking over contracts from local councils, but it’s only recently that I’ve moved into being an asylum landlord. And let me tell you, the money is good! In 2019 my company, MEARS, took on a £1.15 billion contract to run asylum accommodation in Northern Ireland, Yorkshire and the North East of England, Kerching! I used to work for security firm MITIE, whose motto ‘Care and Custody’ I try to apply to people forced to live in the various kinds of ‘hotel detention’ we operate as Mears (well, at least the Custody bit). But enough about them, what about me? Thanks for asking. I live in the leafy Kent village of Lenham - average house price £600-700K, thank you very much! - just a short 30 mile drive from Napier Barracks, managed by my colleagues, friends and (healthy) competitors, Graham King and co! I also enjoy long walks, the music of Mumford & Sons and smiling vacantly into the distance.


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