Mr Graham Ian King

Hi there! My name is Graham and I’ve been an asylum landlord for over 14 years! I live and work in Sunny Essex, where 95% of my company - Clearsprings Ready Home’s - profits come from asylum accommodation, and I’ve personally made at least £4.3 million over the last five years from this lucrative business (with company earnings set to be £1bn over 10 years too!). In my spare time I enjoy running a couple of caravan sites with my fellow Kings, Jeff and Holly, one of which we also used in 2015 to squeeze £3.8 million in housing benefit from the local council (through charging for homeless people to live on the site! Genius, right?). Despite my reserved and photo-shy nature, I like to dabble in the bright lights of Hollywood, getting involved with the now liquidated Aquarius Film Company - which ironically (I kid you not) held distribution rights to George Clooney’s 1999 blockbuster Three Kings - before the company was outed as a tax scam. Luckily, as when my own company was investigated by HMRC in 2015 for its tax affairs, I’ve remained unscathed and in constant receipt of lucrative Home Office asylum contracts. As our family motto says, “If you come at the (Three) Kings, you better not miss!”


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