Mr Jim Clarke

Hey guys! How’s it hangin’. I’m Jim Clarke, but to my friends I go by JC. I’ve been Non-Executive Director at the Mears Group since 2017, when I side stepped from one of the largest property service groups, Countrywide plc, to focus on my real passion of enforced housing poverty. At Countrywide plc our motto was ‘Bringing people and property together’, but as soon as I realised I’d misread property as poverty I dipped. Although not before selling my shares for a tidy 2.4 million squids. Of course, the swinging door brings no surprises and my natural successor at Countrywide was my good friend Himanshu Raja, former CFO of our asylum housing and human rights abusing pals G4S. Anyway, as we say in the immigration industrial complex, “check out, cheque in”, I’ve learnt a lot in my time although nothing more fruitful then how to make some serious money out of social housing contracts. After an extensive career ranging from profiting off people’s physical insecurities and paying minimum wage to bar staff at Wetherspoons, this time I wanted to do something that had a real human benefit - dividends for the shareholders. Don’t you worry about the occasional so called “fine for breaching competition law” that’s just words. What isn’t words though, is money. So that’s all for now from me, ya boy JC. If you have any questions, catch me on the golf course or at my weekend hobby telling young children that santa isn’t real. I have an open door policy, although my email is redacted and my door guarded - so I look forward to hearing from you!


making housing vile

💩 Asylum Landlords 2021

If anyone is affected by these issues or would like to help those who are, please connect with the
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