Napier Barracks


no kitchen, no living room, no garden, shared bathroom

We make profits of £796,000.

beautiful concrete yard, always under surveillance, surrounded by stunning razor wire fence to make you feel safe

Dirty cold dormitory blocks. Absolutely no privacy anywhere. Surveillance of you around the clock

No access to legal support

Let available date: You will be transferred without warning to this former barracks. No longer fit for military personnel who were PAID to be there over 15 years ago. Does not “meet acceptable standards of accommodation”. You will be made to feel like a prisoner and a criminal
Let Type: Shared dormitories, perfect for contracting COVID-19
Furnish type: Barren ex-army barracks

Property Type: Bunk bed in dormitory
Bedrooms: Shared with 28 strangers
Bathrooms: shared with 400 strangers

Viewings at the property will be available AFTER YOUR SUDDEN AND RANDOM DISPERSAL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, please submit PROOF OF YOUR CLAIM via our website and the home office in the first instance.

CLEARSPRINGS is proud to bring to market this gorgeous EX-ARMY BARRACKS

CLEARSPRINGS is proud to bring to market this gorgeous period institutional accommodation. We don’t care about you or your BASIC HUMANITY. We are truly delighted to TAKE GOVERNMENT FUNDING to LINE OUR POCKETS whilst continually treating you WITH AS LITTLE DIGNITY AND RESPECT AS WE CAN.

Located in the ever-popular Folkestone outskirts, far away from cities with services & amenities to support migrants. This property is surrounded by a stunning RAZOR WIRE FENCE on all sides. Concrete yards all around. Inspiring stuff.

You will only rarely have access to the ONE NURSE onsite, and will NOT BE PERMITTED to leave the barracks to seek any additional medical, dental, or mental health support.

You will likely be targeted by the roaming right wing extremists if you leave the site.

You will be left without heating, light, or water, in the case when there is an issue in one building.

If you have any issues with your property please contact: PHONE LINES ARE CURRENTLY DOWN :)


TENANT TESTIMONIES (real accounts / not satire)

"I have been living in this hotel…. for more than five months and it's nothing but a confinement with meager basic services….Staff are not only unresponsive to our requests including health claims, but also they are not letting us see a doctor when we need one."
making housing vile

💩 Asylum Landlords 2021

If anyone is affected by these issues or would like to help those who are, please connect with the
Glasgow No Evictions Network