Mr John Taylor, Steve Robbins, Andy Aitken

It’s me, John Taylor on my big trip to the Home Affairs Committee! Hi Mum!

Hi everyone, we are Steve Robbins, John Taylor, and Andy Aitken. We’re not invited to the big board meetings, or apparently to having our own bios at Asylum Landlords, but we’re key to the day to day operations of MEARS across Scotland and the North. Without us around, who could be relied on to regularly ignore emails, hold meetings so useless that politicians walk out en masse and constantly deflect criticisms about the health risks, food, quality and safety of the properties we manage. While Steve has a background in customer service - setting up a call centre in South Africa and proudly boasting of handling “circa 15000 complaints” annually at a previous role British Gas (is that a good thing Steve?!) - both Andy and John are old-school Asylum Landlords. John was Chief Executive of scandal hit housing company Orchard & Shipman, back when they ran asylum accommodation in Glasgow for the big boys Serco (Rupert, where was our invite to the Christmas party?!), who held the contract before MEARS (the door is not revolving so much as wide open, sometimes with a different sign). Andy has had the honour working for all three companies at different times, with a key role in procuring accommodation (though if we can’t get it cheap enough, a budget hotel will do!). It can be a bit of hassle having to change the logos on our lanyards, but at least we know that however much we fuck things up, there’s always a job at with whichever company takes over the contract next time around. Altogether now: Gooooooo Orchard & Shipman, Serco, MEARS!


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